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Wild Rice Pilaf with Country Barley Miso
John & Jan Belleme Japanese Culinary Masters

John and Jan Belleme ~
Japanese Culinary Masters

Photo by Mike Belleme

The Miso Book ~
the Art of Cooking with Miso
by John & Jan Belleme

The Miso Book - the Art of Cooking with Miso by John and Jan Belleme

John and Jan Belleme are the country’s leading authorities on the subject of traditional Japanese foods. After living in Japan, where they learned the craft of miso-making firsthand from the Onozaki family, the Bellemes have researched the culinary and medicinal qualities of miso and other Japanese foods for decades.

In 1979, they co-founded the American Miso Company, one of the world’s largest producers of traditional miso. They have written four books and over one hundred articles on Japanese foods. Currently, the Bellemes are involved with A Taste of Health, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of natural foods through education. They live in beautiful Saluda, North Carolina.

Reprinted with permission from The Miso Book, the Art of Cooking with Miso by John and Jan Belleme. Published by SquareOne Publisher

Enjoy the deliciousness and goodness of miso with the guidance of The Miso Book by Japanese culinary masters, John and Jan Belleme! This extraordinary and comprehensive miso guide covers everything you want and need to know about the traditional health and healing benefits of using miso in your daily meals. The Bellemes cover using miso to maintain good health and using miso as natural medicine.

The Miso Book includes an extensive selection of over 140 delectable and healthy recipes using miso in dips and spreads, soups and stews, vegetable, grain and bean dishes such a the sample Wild Rice Pilaf featured here.

You can even try your hand at making your own miso at home!  182 Pages

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